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How to Make an Online Reservation on Thai AirAsia

To travel with the low-cost AirAsia should be started by doing Thai AirAsia reservations. Be it direct agent reservation, through a connecting partner, or as simple as online reservation, reserving your seat for Thai AirAsia isn’t something hard to do. If it’s your first time booking a plane ticket with Thai AirAsia, don’t worry since the procedure of booking the flight is pretty similar to book any other flights with other airline.

However, if this is your VERY first flight—meaning that you haven’t ever had any flights before, this article will be a nice ‘guidebook’ for you. From setting your destination to planning what you are going to eat on-board, you will find it here. All you need is to take some notes or even some direct practice!

7 Steps to Book Your Thai AirAsia Flight

AirAsia has been on the same joint venture with Asian Aviation (Thailand). Known as one of the most prominent LCC in the region, Thai AirAsia is what many people love: cheap ticket, good facilities. If you are a backpacker, this airline is perfect since it links people to various destinations with a cheap flight price.

Well, all flights of Thai AirAsia begin with Thai AirAsia reservations. What should people do in order to fly with this airline—which is notable with its red and white color?

  • Determine your destination (and make sure it’s available with Thai AirAsia)

Without explaining about this, you should have known this is the root of your Thai AirAsia reservations. You need a flight, you need to reserve your seat—that’s it.

However, not all destinations of yours will be covered with a direct flight. It may use Thai AirAsia, but you need to transit with another airline to reach the dream destination. It may be difficult for first-time flyer, especially since not all officers are willing to help you relentlessly. If this bothers you, you should just stick with direct flights with Thai AirAsia only.


  • Reaching the airline’s official page

You can simply book Thai AirAsia flights via AirAsia’s official website at Or, simply download their mobile app if you prefer to perform Thai AirAsia reservations through your phone. Once you finished downloading the app, launch it to start your reservation. You may be prompted to create an account first, you can proceed with that.


  • Setting your route, flight date, and total passengers
  1. Destination

After creating your AirAsia account and getting logged on, the first thing to do when reserving your flight is to set the route itself. Let’s say, you need a flight from Bangkok to Phuket, then set the origin to be Bangkok (DMK), and the destination to be Phuket (HKT). The three-letter code is the airport code. Typically, each city has one code, although there are cities that have more. You can make sure on which airport you’re landing with this code.

  1. One-way or return flight booking?

Additionally, indicate whether it is a one-way or return flight Thai AirAsia reservations. There’s a button/toggle that you can set on this booking page. One-way flight means you won’t purchase a ticket back to your origin city; and return flight booking means you’ll purchase two flights (for round-trip) all at once.

  1. Setting the date and passenger count

When will you fly? How many people are flying with the aircraft to the destination set? Indicate your departure date and how many people are booking the flight.

Note that multiple-city flight booking is also available either via desktop or mobile. After doing the aforementioned three, you can proceed to search for any flight available for that day.


  • Choosing your flight

After you hit that ‘Search’ button, you will be given various flight options. The take-off and landing time will also be shown there. Not to forget, the flight price will also be visible. If you want to see it in other currencies, give it a go: there are some options from THB to USD, from IDR to MYR. Simply pick that flight which suits your preferences.


  • Add the add-ons!

Add-ons are optional, but when you purchase it, it’ll surely make your flight experience with Thai AirAsia to be a pleasant one.

Add-ons range from baggage options (this is highly recommended), to picking your seat, in-flight meals and/or drinks, and travel insurance. Baggage options that can be chosen range from 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, and 40kg – indeed, all comes with different pricing.

Keep in mind that your airplane fare does not include checked baggage. Upon a normal booking (no add-ons purchased), you will get only 7kg maximum cabin baggage allowance that comes in the form of:

  • One luggage, which doesn’t surpass 56cm x 36cm x 23cm in dimension and has to fit on overhead storage.
  • One laptop bag and/or one small bag; which shouldn’t surpass 40cm x 30cm x 10cm and has to fit under the seat in front of you.

So, if you plan to fly with much stuff behind you, it’s best to add your baggage quota by purchasing it while booking. Good info for you: purchasing your baggage while booking your ticket may cost cheaper than purchasing it on the check-in counter.

Once you’ve finished choosing your add-ons, you can proceed to filling in the guest details. Check again the final price (make sure it counts just right), and click on ‘Continue’ afterwards.


  • Enter your guest details

It’s pretty clear procedure to do. Input your name, date of birth, gender, and contact details. Make sure the name is as written in your ID card/passport, and the contact number that you include in Thai AirAsia reservations is reachable.

Additionally, you may add wheelchair so that the staff will make it ready for you. Or, if you’re bringing along your infant (under 3 years old), indicate that as well on this step. The details of your infant should be included as well.


  • Final step: pay your ticket

After filling in your contact details, the last step is to pay your ticket. You can rely on online banking or simply paying your reservation by credit/debit card. Processing fee may apply.

Before proceeding to payment section, make sure each of information that you input on Thai AirAsia reservations is right. That way, you won’t have to deal with scam-like experiences. Don’t worry, as long as you do it right and meticulous, you’ll fly fine.